Building Commitment

Building Commitment

For which purposes can the IRC be used?

The IRC is ideal for the following situations:


The IRC can be a valuable tool to use in a variety of training situations, such as Intercultural Awareness Training, Intercultural Team Training, International Project Management Training, high-level Leadership Training, Change Management Training in an International Context, and Cross Border Negotiation Training. Whole programmes can be designed around the IRC structure, or it can simply be used to complement existing programmes (see the course outline in 7.1). It can be used in advance to help assess the level of training needs of the group and to design the training accordingly. It can be used as a follow-up milestone later in time to accompany development.

Strategic competence assessment and consulting

The IRC can be used to assess levels of competence in a group, organisation and company in order to identify current and future developmental needs. It can stand alone or complement other competence assessment measures being taken.


The IRC is ideal for coaching individuals on a one-to-one basis to help them develop their intercultural competences.

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