Creativity Training

Explore new horizons and opportunities!


“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.” ― Steve Jobs

Insights Discovery

Overcoming some particular assumption; and suddenly realizing that there is another way of going about it.

Coming up with and expressing, new ideas and perspectives

New experiences promote creativity – breaking existing patterns and forming new associations.

Defy Blockbusters to Creativity

Challenge your mental obstacles that constrain the way the problem is defined and limit the number of alternative solutions thought to be relevant.


The training from Talent Leadership is eye opening. It’s inspirational and practical. It’s a discipline on “how to think”, a tool to identify and grow interesting ideas. As a business lead, I use the tools to structure my thoughts, connect seemingly unrelated concepts to come up with interesting narratives and applications.

Khalid B.

I would go through that training once more just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Roajan K.
HR manager

The Insight training and tools of Talent Leadership is outstanding because it brings a kind of radar to detect very powerful insights in a simple yet very effective way. Before the training the search for insights was sometimes random and purely intuitive. Now it has become more rigorous and, at the same time, more creative.

Khadija A.