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Intercultural Training is crucial in today’s globalized world. As a manager you want to support your staff to develop the competences they need to succeed

Our Intercultural Training is validated by experts and used by more than 60,000 people worldwide. You will develop four intercultural competences:

Intercultural Sensitivity

Intercultural Communication

Building Commitment

Managing Uncertainty

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I have always been fascinated by the differences in cultures and how meanings shift with backgrounds and ideologies. Taking Dr.Jalal's course on Intercultural sensitivity highlighted that and put a great focus on how to detect signals that might indicate cultural divergence.

Mehdi A.
University Student
Thursday, August 31, 2017

Coming to Morocco, living and working with people from a different religious and cultural background was a great challenge, until we were introduced to Intercultural Coaching delivered by Dr. Mouti. It allowed us to discover the new culture and reflect on our own indian culture, as well as to find common ground.

Nov, 2019

Considering the nature of my job, dealing with all kinds of cultures is very recurrent. Taking the tests provided by Talent Leadership made me realize things I was overlooking in my communication and coming to realize them made my connexion with people get much smoother.

Nezha E.
International Affairs
July, 2018