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Coaching professionnel à Agdal Rabat Maroc Dr. Jalal Mouti Senior Certified Professional Coach and Mentor in Rabat Morocco 0661440148 Coaching de vie, Coaching en Développement Personnel, gestion des émotions en milieu professionnel, dépression, confiance en soi, estime de soi, parler en public. دكتور. جلال مطيع مدرب وموجه معتمد و معترف به في جميع أنحاء العالم ‎مدرب في قضايا الحياة والأعمال والقيادة في الرباط المغرب

Imposter Syndrome: When Your Doubts Spike Your guns

Success is the reward you get after going the extra mile. Yes! Nobody has ever become successful by doing average things. It is the light at the end of the tunnel and the sparkle that proves your hard work is finally paying off. This accomplishment is always subjective, unlike what society keeps spreading. You are successful when you get what you want and have worked…

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What is success? Really?

What we think we know  The internet is full of books, articles, and videos about how to be successful. If you do a quick search on Google, or Youtube or Amazon, (which are the largest search engines out there), I can almost guarantee you that you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of results you’ll find (Trust me, I did that before!). Most of them will…

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How to be a successful leader?

Leaders are the linchpin of companies, without them, no firm would be where it is now. Are you wondering how to be a successful leader in the future? Leadership is the art of inspiring, guiding and motivating a group of people to work enthusiastically towards common goals and see them become reality. Effective leaders are the ones who are able to make hard decisions, influence…

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The miracle working powers of Meditation

    The powers and benefits of Meditation are infinite; they could be a great escape from reality. Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati In earlier decades, people used to meditate so as to gain guidance, see the world through their spirits and release their pain. Nowadays, quite a lot of studies unveil that meditation could be a powerful…

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Guilty until proven innocent, says that voice inside your head whenever you make a mistake, even unintentionally. You are sitting in your own court, inside your own mind. You are both the criminal and the judge.  Everybody makes mistakes, it is an inevitable thing. But how you deal with it is a whole different story. Life is about learning and growing, and mistakes are the…

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