Detect Self-Absorption!

Dealing with people around us makes us realize that sometimes there are some traits that we have to watch for; in this post we want to focus on “Self-Absorption”

When someone is concerned only with themselves, the feelings they have and their own circumstances is what matters the most to them – that becomes so serious especially when it’s a reoccurring issue!

A Habit!

Self-absorption is a common trait present in most people around us but to varying degrees, not by choice but more like a habit that becomes so ingrained in our character or that of others around us without realizing that one is becoming so self-absorbed.

The extreme levels of self-absorbed people makes them unaware of other people’s feeling, needs, wants and desires and even of the circumstances of others to the extent that they become so oblivious of what is going on around them, of us, of our lives – they are the only ones that matter the most, the rest is history.

It is essential to watch for those personalities and characters around us who tend to demonstrate their friendliness and likable traits in order to draw our attention and make us feel attracted and drawn in their goals but in fact all they seek out is our unconditional support for the period of time they decide, for the goals they want to achieve without the minimum consideration of our feelings, emotions and involvement to their success and growth.

Protect yourself!

Watch out from self-absorbed people they are hopeless and helpless, they are so obsessed by their cause and goal that they do not actually see you, feel your needs and all they are out for is to feed on your suffering and all they will ever use is your intelligence, resources and kind heart.

Act today, seek help and find ways to reflect on your emotional and physical assets and be creative on how to engage in activities where you can demonstrate your capacity to help others who really need help and appreciate the little efforts not only the ones they judge to be substantial. If someone does not appreciate you as you are, then it’s a sign that they are self-absorbed!

Take Action!

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